Our Fleet

A well-equipped fleet for all situations

Road Ambulances


EMS Road Ambulances​-Rapid Response​-Support vehicles are 2 &​ ​4WD, air-conditioned, and carry all the necessary equipment and pharmaceuticals for medical emergencies.

MedEvac Jets


EMS takes care of all facets of an international MedEvac from start to finish.

With a variety of MedEvac jets, specialist medical equipment, and aeromedical teams, all Critical Care patients, including COVID-19, receive highly professional in-flight care & treatment to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Our international coordinators deal with all regulatory requirements (i.e. Medical Visas, passport documents, receiving hospital medical reports and admissions) and provide regular updates to insurers and family members.

Helicopter Air Ambulance


The Augusta EMS Helicopter Air Ambulance is a fully dedicated air ambulance with standard equipment onboard including a slide-in-slide-out stretcher, piped in medical oxygen, suction, and patient monitoring equipment.

The Agusta is a high-speed air-conditioned helicopter certified for night flights and ship deck landings which has an interior specifically designed to allow aeromedical personnel access to treat patients in flight.

Marine Ambulance


The Marine Ambulance has been designed to ensure quick ocean and outer Island’s medical response times.

With its specially designed hull, high horsepower twin-engine and stretcher configuration ensures the marine ambulance’s ability to get to and transport medical emergencies back to the mainland quickly and safely.