Medic Centres

Multiple locations

Covering the main island tourism and business districts our Medic and Operations Centres are located in the following areas;



EMS provides the following pre-hospital medical and trauma services 24/7/365

Urgent major trauma – Cardiac arrest, unconsciousness, shock, and critical body injuries.
Urgent severe trauma – Chest pain, severe pain, severe breathing difficulty, chemical or acid in the eyes, poison swallowing and drug overdose.
Moderate trauma – Infection, breathing difficulty, severe hypertension, high blood sugar level above 16, moderate limb injury or severe cuts.
Semi-urgent – Removal of foreign objects, difficulty swallowing, minor head injury, eye inflammation, minor limb injury – sprains/ possible fracture/ uncomplicated cuts.
Non-urgent – minor wounds and abrasions, cuts not requiring stitching, minor symptoms of low-risk conditions.

EMS Pre- Hospital Emergency Services include:

  • Emergency Department – Hot line 7770 7700
  • Surgical procedures, Plastic surgery, Observation
  • On-Site Emergency Care or at EMS Medical Rooms
  • Medical Specialist (Depending on the nature of the patient’s condition, specialist doctors are consulted)
  • Vapotherm therapy (Respiratory distress including acute asthma & acute COVID-19 cases)
  • Physiotherapy – Dental
  • Pathology (Blood Tests)
  • X-Ray – Ultrasound – CAT Scan (CT) – MRI – ECG
  • Hyperbaric Medicine Specialists
  • Rapid Antigen & PCR Testing (mobile and in room service)
  • Medications ‘’Including specialist medications’’
  • Resupply medical kits and rescue equipment
  • Air – Road – Marine Ambulances (Fiji Islands and International Coverage)
  • Marine Rescue Services
  • International Medevac Services
  • First Responder training